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Due to the restructuring of the YMCA, post-Covid,, we are no longer able to train at that facility. We have taken up residence in a private dojo/3 car garage in Felida near Lakeshore/NW 119th. As such, we have limited our class size to a group of twelve serious students. We have a few slots left and will start live training again June 12th. We would allow you to see if Aikido is a good fit if you are still interested.
General website:
Classes:  Tue 7-8:30pm
                Sat 8:30-10am
There is currently a  ZOOM option available for introductory concepts,  Thursdays 7-8pm at a lower rate. I don't know how long this option will continue. The ZOOM Password is SHS (Secret Hand Shake acronym) Whichever you feel is more appropriate register at the following link:
However you decide, we wish you much peace 
Kind Regards,
Mark Sohm
Dojo Administrator
Aikido of Vancouver
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